What is Not a Rookie Card
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What is not considered a rookie card:

1. A parallel or insert card from a set.  
2. A subset within the set.  
3. A card from a set that is only available or sold as a set. An example would be a regional, mail order, or magazine
set. 4. Cards from regional promotions or obscure manufacture's sets. Regional promotions or obscure
manufactures may not even have a license to produce cards.  
5. Manufacturers do not designate a rookie card status.  
6. Price guides do not designate a rookie card status.
7. If a wrestler has multiple cards within a set, only one should be the true rookie card. Example: Hulk Hogan has six
base cards in the 1985 WWF Topps set (1, 16, 29, 56, 57, & 60), but only #1 should be considered his true rookie

Market Value: Market value is not to be considered when determining a rookie card. A Rookie card may not
necessarily be worth more than other (promo, autograph, event used, ex.) cards of the same wrestler, as other
factors like scarcity and condition can play large roles in their value.
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