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This site offers a lot of information about wrestling trading cards. There are few things you should know about how
and what we list. This page will help you understand what kinds of cards that we list and the information that we
provide for such lists.

We do not attempt to value any of the cards listed on this site. There are various publications and Internet websites
that can offer you pricing information (Please see our
Links page for more information).

As stated on our
About Us page, we do not make any claims or offers to buy or sell any of the cards listed on this
site. We have provided some links on our
Links page that might be able to help you should you find a card or card
set on this site you would like to purchase.  We also highly recommend you use our free message boards where you
will have the opportunity to interact with other trading card collectors. is not affiliated with any of the professional organizations used within and recognizes the
names and organizations are trademarked property and used for informational purposes only.

The purpose of this website is to provide the user with accurate information about wrestling trading cards. Within this
site you will find many different wrestling trading card sets along with helpful information about those sets. Including
sets, this site offers information about one shot or one time only card releases in addition to any vending machine,
premium, regional, food issued, and tobacco wrestling trading cards; WTC also provides information for stickers and
collectible card games (CCG/TCG).

This site does its best to report the most accurate information it can about all wrestling trading cards. We do not offer
trading card information on amateur or Olympic cards. Any additions to this site will be clearly posted in the
appropriate areas to keep users up to date.

If there is a card set that is lacking information or if you have information you feel should be added to a particular set,
please send us an
Email. We are compiling information from all collectors and will share our contributor’s names on
our contributor’s webpage. Anyone who provides information and or images to this site will be listed on the
contributor’s webpage unless they specify not to be. does not make any claims to own any of the images within or
makes claims to copyright or trademark any of those images. All images are copy written and
owned by their respective owners and are used for informational use only. The WWF, WWE,
WCW, NWA, TNA and any/all other titles and names are owned by their rightful companies.
Any opinions, comments or text used on this site to describe, rate, outline or detail any of the
aforementioned companies are strictly used by the site administrators or information providers
and do not express the feelings or opinions of those who’s titles, copyrights, trademarks or
imaging rights are used to describe said item, image, review or text.
Checklist And Images Use Guidelines
Users of this site are encouraged to download any of the checklists and or information areas for their own personal
use. Users may not directly link to any of the images or pages from WTC.
Users may not distribute the information without express written permission from works hard providing all the information there is on the cards listed on this site. We
encourage you to use this site to help you with understanding the cards you have or the cards you are looking for. If
you take any information from this website and use it on another website (personal or otherwise) or use in a printed
publication (magazine/book), you must give credit.  When giving credit to WTC, please
use the following citation.

- Checklist(s) provided by

For further information, please check our
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